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We often tell our kids that by the time they’re 16 years old, they may not need to learn how to drive. Self-driving cars for those who can’t drive are an incredible chance to be more autonomous, and for those who can, it could be a luxury, possibly becoming a standard. So cool! At the same time, we’ve asked questions: What happens to the jobs of professional drivers as technology changes their businesses? How has technology shifted the machine/human balance in other industries in the past?

In the news: Google’s Self-Driving Car Project, a 2-seat electric vehicle with no steering wheel, brake pedal, or accelerator. What it does have: a cute little face.

In the archives, a previously featured Prius version, and more electric vehicles: the Spark-Renault Formula-E racecar, a behind-the-scenes tour of Tesla Motors, and the e-volo volocopter.

Love seeing the smiles. Watch this. 

We may not have flying cars but we will (very soon) have self-driving cars.

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Launch of the Bookless Library ›

If your idea of a library is row upon row of nicely shelved hardcovers, then you’ll be in for a surprise when a planned new library in San Antonio opens this fall.

"Think of an Apple store," Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff says while explaining the layout of the new library, BiblioTech.

In keeping with technological advances, the county will house a library of neatly arranged LCD screens and gadgets instead of the traditional banquet of dog-eared print and paper books. The public library will be one of the first digital-only libraries of its kind.

With 50 computer terminals and a stock of laptops and tablets on-site, the building will also offer an array of preloaded e-readers available for the card-carrying customer to take home.

I will be curious on its success (or lack thereof)..

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