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At 79 years old, Forest Delano Roosevelt Ferguson did not remember what he wrote to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt at age eight. But his daughter thought there might be a way to find out.

With Dad unable to recollect exactly what he wrote to the President, the mystery rooted in me and started sprouting. What if I could find that letter after all these years?

During an Internet search, a website for the FDR Library and Museum appeared. “The perfect starting point,” I celebrated. “They have archives! I wonder if … oh, probably not. But maybe. Worth a try.”

I sent an email to the archival contact listed on the web site and waited. Within a week and a half, my inbox had a message waiting for me. I opened “Response From FDR Library Inquiry” and read the first paragraph.

For the full story—and a surprise find—go today’s Pieces of History Blog.

Such a neat story. Love.

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