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"Mom, can C (4 yr old) stay down here with me for her quiet time?" the 8 yr old asks. "Sure but she has to stay with you and you two play nicely together." I respond. "We will."

5-10 minutes later…

"Mom, can C take her quiet time now? She is cranky." 

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Today’s Quotes From the Three Year Old

This morning while grocery shopping: “I don’t like people. They are smiling at me.”

At lunch with her eyes closed: “Mom, Can you see me?”

At bedtime, trying to take her shirt off all by herself: “My arm is stuck!” Me: “Why don’t you pull your shirt over your head?” Her response: “No! That is too EASY!”

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Don’t mess with a three year old

Exhibit #1

3 y.o.: How was your day today, [8 y.o]?

8 y.o.: My day was good. How was yours?

3 y.o.: My day was GREAT! [with jazz hands for added emphasis]


Exhibit #2

8 y.o.: [yelling at 3 y.o.] You are not the boss of me!

3 y.o.: Yes I am.

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OH: Sisters

  • 3 y.o.: I was here first!
  • 8 y.o.: I was here first!
  • 3: I was here first.
  • 8: Actually I was born first so there.
  • 3: You were born here?
  • 8: I was born in 2004 and you were born in 2009.
  • 3: What did you watch?
  • 8: I am watching VeggieTales.
  • 3: What did you watch when you were born?
  • 8: ?

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