Today’s Quotes From the Three Year Old

This morning while grocery shopping: “I don’t like people. They are smiling at me.”

At lunch with her eyes closed: “Mom, Can you see me?”

At bedtime, trying to take her shirt off all by herself: “My arm is stuck!” Me: “Why don’t you pull your shirt over your head?” Her response: “No! That is too EASY!”

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#3 year olds are funny


3 y.o. upon seeing “grumpy cat” meme for the first time:

"Why is he sad? He should be happy."

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#3 year olds are funny

  • Me: What are you doing?
  • 3 y.o.: I'm holding the United States!
  • Me: You're holding the United States?
  • 3 y.o.: Yep.
  • [She had just dumped out her United States of America puzzle and was holding the wooden outline of the U.S. - She also knows and can identify the state we live in.]

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#3 year olds are funny

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